Loesshillsnaturewriters.com is a blog solely dedicated to publishing the nonfiction, creative nonfiction and poetry produced by individuals who participate in the Loess Hills Nature Writers’ Workshop. Writers are guided by naturalist and writer, Jack Phillips, who leads saunters in the Loess Hills as inspiration. Writing mentors John T. Price, Ph.D., Matthew M. Low, Ph.D. and Laura Johnson Dahlke, MFA, provide instruction and prompts for students of the workshop’s writing seminars and from these meetings, attendees produce the work featured here.

The Loess Hills Nature Writer’s workshop is a sponsored by Golden Hill RC&D and The Naturalist School.

Anyone is welcome to attend the workshops. Please visit https://newtreeschool.wordpress.com/ for more information or contact Jack Phillips at thenaturalistschool@gmail.com or managing editor, Laura Johnson Dahlke at laurajohnsondahlke@gmail.com.